About Us


Thank you so much for visiting my site, and stopping here to see me blab about myself lol. I'll try to keep it short and sweet. 😊

About Me?
My name is Benée (BA-NAY), however my friends call me B. Three kids and a Son-in-Love call me Mom.
Thank God my parents are still here to call me Daughter.
Got some siblings that call me Sis.
Family that calls me Fam.
All of these folks - my GREATEST support.
They are also my free models you see on the site lolol. Y’all know I can’t afford professionals yet 😉

How’d We Get Here?
One day during quarantine, I realized that there was so much more in me that I had not tapped in to. I've spent so much time pouring in to things that will never be able to compensate me for what I’m worth. I realized my destiny is to create something of my own that I can pass on to my children, and my future generations. Not just a business. But OPPORTUBITY,

Selling accessories is nothing new. I began in my early 20’s working part-time at Express Clothing. I LOVED the time  spent in the accessories section. I would organize it to perfection! As well, I tried selling accessories for a renowned “jewelry party” company for a bit and met some really great women.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

I knew working for someone was not what I would ultimately do. And quarantine (time spent on inner reflection, being encouraged, stepping out on faith) decided it was time to birth this baby now, not later – and so you have…B’s Eyes (and eventually Accessories).

What's My Mission?

My mission is to offer an array of sunglasses and accessories that make you look and feel your best, and at affordable prices.  I want you to look at something on our site and suddenly you can visualize EXACTLY what you’re gonna wear with that item!

And I want to do it with impeccable customer service. I may not always get it right. I just hope you always give me the opportunity to make it right.

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B's Eyes_Queen B